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Sometimes small changes are not even noticed by us; but believe me; these small changes can bring about revolutionary ones! Invisible drops of water make up clouds, but when these clouds burst into rain, every single drop counts. I do not want you to be a part of the crowd; people who complain, criticize and grumble at life`s problems and conveniently place the responsibility of their woes on someone else’s shoulders.

I want you to be among the few who have the vision and the burning desire to change things for the better, are ready to take responsibility; people who face life`s adversities bravely, accept its challenges and work hard to reach their goals. Success may be evading you at the moment but do not lose hope. Because without hope there is no yearning, no desire for a better tomorrow! Without hope, life comes to a standstill! So, snap out of your depression and keep on moving ahead with your head held high.

The key to be a successful blogger is choosing the right domain name and extension.

There are several things that must be considered when selecting the right domain name. A thorough understanding of domain name extensions can help make this process infinitely better.

The original domain name extensions were formed in January 1985, the body of computer scientists responsible for this internet categorization, known as the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), created the very first six top-level domains namely .com, .net., .edu, .mil, .gov, and .org. Not long after, the very first two-character country code domain extensions were created such as .ca or .us. As a result, .int was also added and the list of the 7 top level domain names was set. The com in dot-com is short for commercial. Dot-coms are by far the most used extension and were originally intended for domains registered to commercial organizations. In total, there were five dot-coms registered in 1985, and they were: – March 15, 1985 – April 24, 1985 – May 24, 1985 – July 11, 1985 – September 30, 1985

Generic top-level domains – gTLD:
Generic top-level domains are the most commonly used extensions. Generic top-level domains are further divided into three categories, restricted, unrestricted and sponsored.

Restricted – These top-level domains are restricted to credentialed professionals, business, or individuals. They include .biz, .name, and .pro.

Unrestricted – Unrestricted top-level domains are able to be purchased by anyone and as the name implies carry no restrictions on whom or what may register. The most popular unrestricted TLDs are .com, .net, .org and .info.

Sponsored – A specialized TLD, which has a sponsor that oversees the community represented by the extension. Such communities are generally based on professional, technical, ethnic, or geographical makeup. The most popular sponsored TLDs are .aero, .asia, .cat, .edu, .gov, .int, .jobs, .mil, .mobil, .museum, .tel, and .travel.

Why are there new TLDs? Domains have been registered and in use for decades. During this time, millions of domain names have been created, registered, and deleted. Since each of these domains must be unique, the list of applicable or desirable names available to your business has been depleted, if not exhausted. In the past, there were only 22 top-level domains (TLDs) or domain extensions in use, such as .com, .net, and .org. The ICANN organization realized that there was a dwindling supply of ideal TLDs and sought to remedy that by adding new domain extensions. This provides you with better or more creative ways to create a domain that is helpful for your business or website.

Country code top-level domains – cTLD: These extensions are reserved for sovereign states, countries, or dependent territories. Such ccTLDs consist of two letters and will look like .ca (Canada), .uk (Great Britain), .fr (France), .in (India), .us (United States) etc. They have little relevance to most individuals attempting to select the proper extension for their business. In short, the following dot extension abbreviation stands like this:

DOT COM > Stands for Commercial viz. Business / eCommerce etc
DOT NET > Stands for Network viz. Internet Provider / Services / Technology
DOT INFO > Stands for Information - similar to dot Com
DOT US > Stands for United States Country Code
DOT IN > Stand for India Country Code

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